The premiere of the film "Sondergetto"

The premiere of the film "Sondergetto" was held on June 29. This is the 4th film within the series "The Chronicles of the Minsk Ghetto".

In September 1941 an unusual passenger train arrived  in Minsk from Hamburg. All its passengers were Jewish. They thought that they were going to explore the new territories. It was allowed to take a small baggage, documents, money. Passengers paid for the tickets. In Minsk, they were placed in a special area of ​​the Minsk ghetto - "Sondergetto". Later, echelons arrived from other cities of Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic ...

7 transports were sent with Jews from Germany (6428 people), 10 trains from Austria (10.476 people) and 7 from the Czech Republic (7000 people). Total - 23.904 people. They were killed in Maly Trostents, which was situated just in a few kilometers from Minsk.

The heroes of the film "Sondergetto" are war children from Germany, Canada, Great Britain, who shouldn't have survived. But they survived. They are the witnesses of the monstrous crime. While they are alive and able to tell about one of the most terrible tragedies in the history of mankind, the memory of the past is also alive. So, there is a hope that such a tragedy will not happen again.

The Union of Belarusian Jewish Public Associations and Communities expresses deepest gratitude to the creators of the film for their work, initiative and memory of the tragedy.