The opening of the memorial signs. Visit families Lazarus and Kletter

Dear friends!


As part of the project to perpetuate the places of mass destruction of the Jews of Belarus during the Holocaust, four memorial monuments were opened.

In Ivatsevichi there is a memorial sign at the scene of the destruction in 1942, 600 Jews.

In the village of Byten there is a memorial plaque on the site of the destruction in the period from 1941-1942 2000 Jews.

In Ushachi, there is a memorial sign on the site of the destruction of 925 Jews in 1942.

In the village of Beloe there is a memorial sign on the site of the destruction of 37 Jews in 1942.

For UBJOC was a great honor together with representatives of the Fund of the « Simon Mark Lazarus" – Diana and Micheal Lazarus, and Joni and Cary Kletter – with their incredibly large help to establish memorials and a memorial plaque to the victims of the Holocaust.

Each of you knows that this is not just a story that we must keep in our hearts and memory, but also to pass on to other generations, so that those terrible years in which our compatriots died were not in vain, so that history, with its terrible consequences, does not repeat again and we all also saw a peaceful sky over our heads!

On behalf of the Union of Belarusian Jewish Public Associations and Communities I would like to express my gratitude to these wonderful families of Lazarus and Kletter, who from year to year are doing a great job to create and establish memorial monuments and plaques in the Republic of Belarus!