The meeting in memory of the Jews who died during the Holocaust was held in the Krupsky District

On September 15 in the Krupsky District a meeting was held organized by the Union of Belarusian Jewish Public Associations and Communities (UBJOC) in memory of the Jews who died during the Holocaust.

On September 18, 1941, near the village of Lebedevo, the Nazis tortured and killed 1,975 Jews - old people, women and children - residents of the town of Krupki and nearby villages.

The ceremony took place at the monument "Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten" with a bas-relief of a grieving woman, installed in 1969 at the place of execution. It was attended by the Ambassador of Israel to Belarus Alon Shogam, Director of the Nativ-Israel Cultural Center, First Secretary of the Embassy of Israel in Belarus Yekaterina Litvak, Head of the Representative Office of the Jewish Agency for Israel in Belarus Ilana Lomkin, Head of the Representation of the American Jewish Distribution Committee in Belarus Alex Schmidt, management UBJOC, government officials, members of the Jewish community and local residents.

Israeli Ambassador to Belarus Alon Shogam expressed the opinion that it is very important for his country that such events are organized in Belarus. He thanked people who find opportunities to create and maintain memorials that will let future generations know about what was happening in our country.

Chairman of the UBJOC Vladimir Chernitsky in his speech said that 800 thousand Jews were killed in Belarus at the hands of the fascist invaders:

- The goal was terrible - to destroy the Jewish people. And almost 2 thousand people rest in the place where we have gathered today. As a result of those terrible events, doctors, teachers, scientists, engineers were not born, because Jews are a capable and talented people, he noted. - Jewish patrons of art provide substantial assistance in the creation and restoration of monuments. I would like to especially note the role of your fellow countryman, businessman, sponsor of the project "We Remember ..." Sergei Levin. A sense of duty, empathy, responsibility for his loved ones drives him. He, as a descendant, preserves the memory of important events, maintaining the monument in proper condition. Igor Shalaumov is also worthy of deep respect. Thanks to the local authorities, the youth who came to the rally, peace to you all, - said Chernitsky in conclusion.

“The whole family of my grandmother is here - her parents and eight brothers and sisters,” said businessman and philanthropist Sergei Levin. - My grandmother did not get here by chance, she was lucky. I have been at this monument since childhood; every year we came here on September 18. Hundreds of people have been here. We remember. I am grateful to everyone who could come today. I am also grateful to the Krupsk regional executive committee and the Minsk regional executive committee for the fact that such places are preserved and supported. This is very important for many people. Thank you Mr. Ambassador, the Jewish community. We will remember to never allow this.

Chief Rabbi of the Association of Jewish Religious Communities in Belarus Shneor Daich read a prayer. The participants of the rally laid wreaths, flowers and stones at the monument, and also honored the memory of the victims with a minute of silence.

During their visit to the Krupsky District, the delegation also visited the Jewish cemetery in Bobr and the monument to the victims of Nazism near the urban village, erected at the initiative of the UBJOC at the site of the execution of 961 Jews.