Situation in Brest

The Union of Belarusian Jewish Public Associations and Communities is extremely concerned about the current situation connected with the construction of an apartment building in Brest. It became known from the report of the leadership of specialized Search Battalion of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus that almost 700 remains have already been found at the construction site. Presumably these are the remains of the victims of the Brest ghetto, where old people, women and children that were not able to go to Bronnaya Mountain, the place of execution, were killed during the war.

The tragic history of Brest implies the possibility of such find.

Unfortunately, it became obvious to us that the territory provided for the construction of the apartment building in Brest was not properly examined and investigated, even though, according to eyewitnesses and historians evidence, it was the place where mass executions of the Jewish population of the city took place.

Once again we strongly draw the attention of the city authorities to the need for a detailed and scrupulous investigation of the place where the next construction is planned.

In our opinion, the continuation of the construction at this place will be possible only if the borders of the burial site will be clearly defined, and the remains of the victims will be completely removed and reburied in accordance with the Jewish traditions and human values.

At the current moment Union of Belarusian Jewish Public Associations and Communities and Brest Jewish Community are engaged in strenuous efforts to solve this situation.

There are the examples of respect for the Jewish history in Brest. 

That is why we are confident that in this situation, the city authorities will make an informed and considered decision, which will be correctly understood by the public, the Jewish community and developers.