Mourning rally took place in Minsk

The mourning rally in memory of the deported and murdered in the Minsk ghetto and the Trostinets extermination camp during the Second World War Austrian Jews took place in Minsk on May 23, 2017.

The Minsk ghetto was built by the Nazis shortly after the attack on the USSR - just a month later, in July, 1941. This ghetto was one of the largest in Europe. More than one hundred thousand Jews have gone through it.

Maly Trostinets was the largest extermination camp in Belarus. Jews from Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic were murdered there. The Nazis and police goons brutally killed the prisoners of the camp and ghetto.

The relatives of Jews from Austria that were murdered in Trostinets, director of the public association "Always Remember Trostinets," the former prisoner of the Minsk ghetto have said their memorable speeches at the mourning rally.

There was also the flower-laying ceremony at the rally. The devotions from the representatives of different confessions were offered as well.

The Chairman of the Union of Belarusian Jewish Public Associations and Communities Mr. Vladimir Chernitsky attended the mourning rally. He has paid the tribute to the memory of every Jew, who sacrificed the life during the Second World War. The Chairman of the Union appealed not to forget, how valuable human life and peace are.