Memorial complex "Yanovichskoe Jewish cemetery" was opened in Vitebsk region

The opening ceremony took place on October 15, 2020 in the city of p. Yanovichi, Vitebsk region. It was attended by representatives of government authorities, members of the Jewish community and local residents.

The idea to create a monument to the perished Jewish community of the town of Yanovichi belongs to the great-grandson of local residents Boris Mendelevich - professor, doctor of medical sciences, deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The city Jewish community of Vitebsk, the Jewish cultural center "Mishpoha" joined the initiative. Assistance was rendered by the Yanovichi village council, the Vitebsk regional executive committee and the regional executive committee.

In the center of the Memorial Complex there is an old Jewish cemetery. It was decided to raise and install all the matzeva (gravestones), clean them and read the inscriptions, put tablets with translations of epitaphs next to the gravestones, and make the territory landscaped.

The Vitebsk architects Alexander Mikhlyukov and Gleb Orlovsky developed the project of the Memorial. The alley leads to the Memorial Sign. Two stylized figures of black granite, like two human shadows, bear a six-pointed star - Magen David. The slabs bear the text in Belarusian, Hebrew, Russian and English: “Jews lived in Yanovichi for over 350 years. Let the memory of them remain on this earth. "

- More than 370 matzos were raised, epitaphs on more than 250 monuments were translated into Russian. When the work was almost completed, new tombstones were discovered not far from the current territory of the cemetery, - said the chairman of the board of the Jewish cultural center "Mishpoha", writer, journalist, editor-in-chief of the magazine "Mishpoha" Arkady Shulman. - There will be enough work for the next summer field season. It can be assumed that there were more than two thousand graves in the Yanovichi cemetery.

Work on the creation of the monument was carried out for almost a year. The opening of the Memorial will be their worthy result.

The Union of Belarusian Jewish Public Associations and Communities (UBJOC) in its activities supports and attaches great importance to the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage and memory of the Jewish people. The project to create a monument in Yanovichi is a vivid example of a great and significant collective work. UBJOC expresses its gratitude to everyone who took part in the creation of the memorial, and especially to Boris Mendelevich - a descendant of the Yanovich family of Magergut, Naum Linkovsky - chairman of the city Jewish community of Vitebsk, a member of the UBJOC Coordination Council, Arkady Shulman - chairman of the board of the Jewish cultural center "Mishpoh a member of the Coordinating Council of the UBJOC, Alexander Isobov - the chairman of the Yanovichi village council.

Photo: Jewish Cultural Center "Mishpoha".